Bacon Man: An Adventure

A Skymap Games original

With the world resting on his shoulders, take on the role of Bacon Man. Battle through the food groups and confront those who condemned you. It’s up to you to clear his name, by murdering those who put him behind bars.

  • Tougher than nails platforming – in air, or on foot – using the patented “Bacon Control System™”.
  • 2 Player couch co-op. Play as 4 unique characters, each with their own playstyle.
  • Full orchestral soundtrack by the talented Braxton Burks (Pokemon Reorchestrated) and Kyle Landry (Youtube & Twitch sensation).

Spellbreak // Proletariat

Development Services

Spellbreak is a new battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat. Weave spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. Skymap Games is proud to provide development assistance on the Spellbreak project, winner of an Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant.

Zed // Eagre Games

Design & development services

From the mind of Chuck Carter (Myst, Command and Conquer), ZED is an explorative adventure into whimsical dreamworlds. This beautiful and meditative game encourages curiosity and imagination. The Dreamer needs your help – there are mysteries to solve and memories to unlock. Eagre Games has long been immersed in these dreamscapes and cannot wait to share them with the world.

Perception // The Deep End Games

Development services

Perception is a narrative thriller that tells the story of Cassie, a blind heroine who uses her extraordinary hearing and razor-sharp wits to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned estate that haunts her dreams.

After months of research, she discovers an abandoned mansion in Gloucester, MA. Once there, Cassie finds that Echo Bluff is worse than her nightmares. A ghastly Presence has tormented its inhabitants over generations, and it now hunts Cassie. She must solve the estate’s mysteries or become one of its victims.

Narcosis // Honor Code

Porting Services for PlayStation 4

Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean: Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his oxygen — and sanity — give out.

Conceived as a student project, this first person survival story unfolds following an industrial catastrophe, from inside a half-ton, high-tech dive suit — a “walking coffin.” Influenced and inspired by a growing appetite for unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but steeped in the surreal.

Snapshot HD // Retro Affect

Development services for HD Remake

Snapshot is the tale of a lone robot lost in an abandoned world. Armed with only his trusty camera, Pic sets forth on his great adventure. A camera might not seem like enough for a puzzle platforming adventure, but this camera is different from most: It has the ability to capture and remove from the world the very objects that it photographs. Not only that, but it can also use its powers to paste the photos it took back into the environment! See what kind of crazy things can happen to Pic with his awesome (and probably magical) camera during the adventure of his life!

Chex Quest HD

Volunteer services for HD Remake

In 1996 the advergame Chex Quest was released as a prize inside of millions of boxes of Chex breakfast cereal. It was essentially a kid-friendly Doom total conversion telling the story of the Chex Warrior who travels across the galaxy to rescue the cereal people from the evil inter-dimensional Flemoids. It was considered a very successful promotion in its time and the game gained a cult following that persists to this day. Chex Quest HD is a faithful recreation of that game using a modern game engine, Unreal Engine 4.